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What is landscaping?

At Forant Landscaping and Irrigation we start out our season by doing Spring Clean ups which is cleaning up leaves, branches, and twigs which have accumulated throughout the winter time and needs to be cleaned up before mowing.Getting the debris off of the turf is critical to allow the lawn to breath. A thorough spring clean up prepares beds for fresh mulch and flowers.


Mulch is used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress or block weeds, keep the soil and plant roots cool, prevent frost heaving in winter, and make the garden bed and landscape look more attractive.


Mowing your lawn helps it be healthier and greener. Long grass creates a breeding ground for ticks, fleas, and other pests which is why you should keep your lawn mowed. It also helps to keep weeds at bay. The most obvious benefit of mowing your lawn is the appearance, with a freshly mowed lawn becomes a sight of beauty.

Have one company remove your pet waste, mow your lawn, and go through your sprinkler system!

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Landscaping refers to the practice of modifying and enhancing the natural features of outdoor spaces, such as gardens, yards, parks, or commercial areas, to create visually appealing and functional environments. It involves the deliberate arrangement and manipulation of various elements, such as plants, trees, flowers, lawns, pathways, and structures, to achieve a desired aesthetic or to fulfill specific purposes.

Landscaping can serve various purposes, including creating an inviting and relaxing outdoor living space, enhancing property value, improving environmental sustainability, providing privacy, or designing spaces for specific activities such as entertaining, gardening, or recreation.

Forant Landscaping carries out landscaping projects, working closely with our clients to understand their preferences and needs. We utilize our knowledge of plants, design principles, and construction techniques to transform outdoor spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments.

Some of the landscaping services Forant Landscaping can help you with include:

- Spring/ Fall Clean ups
- Mulching/ Stone
- Edging
- Weekly/ Bi-weekly mowing
- Adding new Bed Designs
- Cut in flower beds
- Planting
- Bushes and Shrub trimming
- Bush and Shrub removal
- Aerating / over seeding
- Pet Waste Management

Have one company remove your pet waste, mow your lawn, and go through your sprinkler system!

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What Our Client Says

  • Forant Landscaping did an impeccable job with my primary residence I can’t recommend them more highly.

    They also do the landscape for multiple rental properties I own. Communication is easy, pictures are provided upon completion of the work and timelines are met. Great job

    Zack Gray
  • Jason is a pleasure to deal with, he sends reminder texts and pictures upon completion. He came out quickly to give me a free estimate with no pressure. Forant Landscaping does a professional and thorough job. I highly recommend them.

    Melanie Sutton